Finding bargains to supplement your wardrobe

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Going through your wardrobe may convince you that it’s time to update your style, but what if your finances aren’t as eager as you are? If you’re ready to give your clothing an overhaul, the trick is to find high quality pieces for low prices. Instead of heading to the shopping centre, there are several other ways to find that perfect party dress at a great price plus all the accessories you want without paying exorbitant prices. Here’s how to shop for bargains.

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Shop for next year — now. If you want to find deep discounts for brand new clothing, one of the best approaches you can take is to shop end-of-season sales. For example, as summer winds down and retailers have to sort out how to clear out warm weather inventory so that they can display autumn and winter new arrivals, they’ll be more eager to cut prices. Likewise, you can wait for the warmer off-season to make winter purchases that are usually expensive, such as boots and a coat.

Look for sample sales. These events are often used by stores or brands to attract new shoppers that may become loyal customers, but they could be a big win for you. Items at sample sales are usually less than half the original ticket price and of the highest quality. This means you could look like you spent loads of money on your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Sign up for email alerts. If you don’t have time to track down sales, let the internet do the work for you. Visit the websites for your favourite stores and put your name on their email lists so that you can get exclusive offers and be the first to know about their sales both in-store and online.


Search for discounts online. In addition to being email savvy when it comes to finding fashion bargains, you should also compare in store prices with online prices. Many brick and mortar stores don’t offer the deals that shoppers may find on the very same merchandise when they go online. But if you have a smartphone handy, you could do a price check on the spot and save yourself money in the end.

Go vintage. It’s authentic, it’s got history and it costs less. Vintage may be the smartest style decision you’ve made in a long time. The best time of year to hit up thrift shops and vintage stores is after the holiday season when people are eager to donate clothing to make space for a new year and sometimes rack up tax breaks. You could transform their smart finances into frugal fashion.

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