True Religion

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No longer strictly relegated to the realm of the blue color laborer, jeans are an American classic, a modern wardrobe staple. Like your best handbag or your favorite shoes, a well-fitting pair of jeans can be dressed up for a night at the opera or perfect for a day fishing with your dad. The key to great jeans is to find the best fit for your shape. To achieve that, you can pay attention to some general tips while shopping, tips that will help folks of any body type find that perfect pair.

Firstly, try on jeans in a brick and mortar store or thrift shop. This is essential. It is recommended that you try on between five and eight pairs to find the fit that works for you. Considering the many different shapes and styles of jeans, it may take some time spent searching to find one that looks really great on your shape. Schedule a block of time to go out and really shop for your jeans. Take two or three different sizes of the same jean into the dressing room. Do not be afraid to move and walk around. Sit, squat and check the mirrors while you do to make sure the jeans don’t pinch or bind up in uncomfortable areas. Jeans should be pleasingly snug from waist to knees, with a leg cut that works best with your matching footwear. If you find some ‘close but not perfect’ pairs, consider alterations; straight leg jeans can be altered without changing the shape. Petite sizes can have the hems of the jeans taken in. They should avoid conspicuous cuffs, however, as cuffs can give the wearer the illusion of being shorter than they really are. The general rule for jean leg lengths is the leg end should hit the bottom of one’s heel. The flip side of this is also applicable, if a pair is just a teeny bit too short, you can probably have the hem taken out to compensate. You might also consider purchasing two or three of the same style and shape and having them altered to suit your favorite footwear: one for heels and one for sandals, for example. Buying more than one pair of really well fitting jeans is never a bad idea even if you don’t plan on having them altered. Consider them a wardrobe investment so you don’t have to fight next seasons’ fad to find jeans that fit. The time spent searching will definitely be well-spent.

For any body type, bear in mind that embellishments or pocket flaps draw attention to their location on the jeans, so use those for spots you want to emphasize and avoid for areas that you want to de-emphasize. A good place to start for any shape is a midrise waist that fits snugly over the widest part of your bod, without squeezing. Bootcut jeans will minimize a pudgy waist by balancing your silhouette, just as it will help ‘larger across the hips’ pear-shapes.

Much denim can even be found in a variety of colors; dark blue is the most slimming, but white can be a versatile and classy addition to your wardrobe. Good luck!