How to Look Your Best While Traveling

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What happens when you leave to exit the airport and you realize the paparazzi have found you…looking your worst! Okay, so maybe there aren’t cameras waiting for you at the end of your flight, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look your best when you arrive. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place with some great tips to looking your best as you travel.


Let’s Start With Makeup

One of the biggest challenges to your look while traveling is the havoc that the aeroplanes air conditioning can wreak on your skin and complexion. However, instead of the impulse to take every product you own and use during your regular routine, it’s best to think smaller and travel sized. On top of the restrictions on what you can and can’t take on the aeroplane with you, there’s also only so much you can carry. Before you fly, pick the most used items in your routine and head to your local beauty store for a travel or sample sized version which will do the job while you’re in the air.

What to Wear?

Often the toughest challenge faced by a fashionista before boarding is what to wear. While you may have been able to find the best Groupon coupons for a great deal on your flight and hotel, the savings don’t have to stop there. The trick is to find a well priced outfit that feels comfortable to sit in that isn’t going to crease. Start with a basic pant with a solid color that can help to cover any creases that may creep up on you. For the top, it’s best to have a simple singlet underneath that you can later remove and place in your bag as you land- this is the item that’s going to absorb any travel sweat. On top of that we recommend a long sleeved button shirt which can be rolled up at the sleeve and tied up at the waist. This fresh outfit looks clean and the tie up brings a fun and fresh attitude.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

A tricky one…because you definitely want to stride off the aeroplane however you also want to make sure your feet still have circulation. We recommend a decent height pump that is easy to take off and put back on. Find a mixture between comfort and fashion for this one, erring on the side of comfort. Pack an extra pair of sockettes to wear as you travel, then be sure to take them off for a nude leg and foot as you walk the…runway.

With these simple tips you’re ready to fly! So get out there, experience the world and show it what you’ve got!