How to Make Your Bedroom A Palace

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Having a nice home is all well and good, but the best place to pimp out and make a palace is your bedroom. This is where the majority of people like to unwind and relax. Whether to watch a movie, read a book or get up to other ‘activities’, your bedroom sets the mood and ambience to get into it. The most important thing you need for doing up your bedroom is some creativity! Even on a limited budget you can make your bedroom a palace if you use your imagination and get creative with candles and colours.

Cool Bedsheets

A great way to personalise your bedroom is with some cool bedsheets. You can get dramatic colour patterns or designs that match you tastes and interests to create a nice spread where you lay your head to rest. Try local markets to get handmade throws and unique designs to bring your bedroom to life.

Nice Candles

No palace is complete without some nice decorative candles. To make your bedroom as cosy as possible you should look for some candle holders and handmade candles. Some of the best candles I have ever seen were halloween candles! The designs and colours were bright oranges and red with fragrant scents or citrus and vanilla. They make a great accompaniment to any bedroom.


Blinds & Curtains

You would be amazed at the difference that having nice blinds or curtains can make to a bedroom. The style will depend on the individual as some people like a bright room where the sun shines through the blinds in the morning while others prefer to be sleeping in a blacked out bedroom. Even if you opt for blackout curtains, you can still have a bright and colourful feel to the room as blackout material can be added to any curtain.

Funky Lampshades 

Lampshades can be an important part in the decoration and lighting of a bedroom. Some people don’t consider how must a really bright bulb with a bad cover can make their room feel like a 24 hour supermarket! There are many different styles of lampshades available and it is easy to paint a cheap white lampshade in a colour of your choice to make the room glow in a whole new feel.


Get Some Storage Sorted

It means nothing if you have nice bedsheets, curtains, candles and a funky lampshade when you cannot enter your room without wadding through a pile of clothes or tripping over guitar leads. Get some plastic storage containers or make you own with plywood if you do not have a wardrobe already. Spend some time organising your room and throw away any junk that is lying about and taking up space.

Enjoy Your Room

Now that you have decorated your room and turned it into a palace it is time to enjoy your new abode and relax in the new atmosphere. Show off your newly updated rom to friends and they will be amazed at how a little change can make such a big difference. Who knows, maybe they will want your help to get their own bedrooms up to scratch.