Ideal Gifts for your Partner, a Moka Pot

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In need of gift buying inspiration for your loved one? You could do a lot worse than buying him or her a moka pot as the gift that keeps on giving. Even for the mildest of coffee drinkers, making that first pick me up morning coffee tastes like a whole new experience from those instant granules. Since it’s the first thing he or she will reach for in the morning, it’s certainly a gift that will see a daily use and arguably an essential instrument in the kitchen. 

The moka pot is a stove based coffee maker that arguably makes the best tasting coffee in a matter of a few minutes. Otherwise known as a Cafeteria, it’s simple process employs thermal dynamics into the making of coffee by pulling hot water through a funnelled chamber packed with ground coffee. The heat of the water drives it through a second chamber where it combines with the coffee and fuses through to the final brewing chamber where it is poured from. It takes about 3 minutes in total, tastes great and is much faster than the drip coffee maker.

These coffee pots are simple to assemble and use. Composed of three component chambers (one for water, the other for the ground coffee and the third chamber for the brewed coffee) are assembled together through a screw threading that tightly connects all three parts to secure the flow of hot water through each chamber. When the coffee is poured and it has cooled down, the three parts can be unscrewed and cleaned out like any other typical kitchenware.

An added benefit is that, unlike other coffee makers, the Moka pot is durable, transportable and effective in less than domestic situations. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any camping expedition and encourages the objective in building camp fires together. What can be more romantic than being huddled together in front of a camp fire waiting to enjoy a warming cup of great tasting coffee? There is a certain romance to it which makes this a genuinely thoughtful gift! 

Top tips for safe use are worth bearing in mind. The moka pot does require some amount of caution since it relies on open gas stoves or open fires. As the water boils, water can seep through the threaded join of the cambers and leak out on the stove if it’s not tightly secured. This can extinguish gas ring flames and cause leaks to occur.

The placement of pot must be centred to the heat ring and care must be taken to avoid any direct heat to the plastic handle. It’s not uncommon to see melted pot handles in some kitchens.

On some more economical models, the spout can be less effective than some of the leading brands, giving way to unnecessary spills. An effective way to make a clear pour is to leave the top open whilst you decant the coffee into a mug. It seems to clear the way and save from any spillages!

Keep watch with your coffee pot and savour those moments you share with your loved one.