How To Wear A Skirt For Spoons and Pears

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When we finally find that skirt line that works best for us, it can be really hard to stop buying it! We can end up with plenty of varieties, but then realise that skirts don’t necessarily work all year round or in every fashion situation. There are plenty of hemlines and skirt lengths out there, but for most of us only one or two really suit our body shape and legs. It can also be really tricky to find which one it is when the stores don’t stock enough of them in to really try them all out.


For girls with larger thighs and little waists, buying a skirt is a nightmare. If you shop for your waist size, you can’t get the skirt over your legs. But if you shop for your legs, the skirt keeps falling down! Spoon and pear shape girls really can struggle, but once you’ve found something that stays put, you probably struggle with the length. The answer to this is a pencil skirt. They come in a variety of fabrics, colors and design. There are also two lengths that will flatter you. Try just below the knee to hide any knees you’re not happy with. This also gives the impression of elongating your legs, bringing your shape into a more traditional look.


For a way to keep warm with a pencil skirt, try picking a leather one or use a heavy denier stocking or hose. Add some knee length boots, and you are unlikely to be any colder than if you were wearing pants. Pencil skirts rarely work with leggings, and they don’t do much for your contour, so try to avoid them. Shirts or tops that are longer in length but don’t go lower than your tailbone are best for this length of skirt. If you have a lovely flat tummy, show it off with a tucked in style of shirt. Using a ruffled shirt can help give you more of an hourglass looking shape if you are tiny on top.

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If you are looking for something more free flowing for the summer, an ankle-length A-line skirt could suit you well, as your spoon or pear shape is covered. The A-line draws the eye back up to your tiny waist and gives the impression you have a more in proportion top half. The A line is a lovely, cooling shape for when it is hot and works well for lots of body shapes. It is also more comfortable for long periods of sitting or if you are heading out to eat a big meal.


A line skirts do leave larger thighs in rather close proximity to each other, and some girls may feel a little uncomfortable. Rather than wearing hose, you can try a little trick with talcum powder to keep the thighs drier where they touch. You could alternatively try little sports shorts under your skirt, that nobody will ever know are there. This is also handy if you are heading down to the beach!