Wellington boots: A buyers’ guide

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Wellington boats are a type of footwear that we have all had to wear at some point in our lives, whether it has been doing the gardening, going on a long walk or wading through a flooded room in your house, the fact is that at some point in your life they’ve been on your feet. we know and love them, it is difficult to imagine what we would do without them! If you own a pair of wellington boots that seem to give you sore feet, don’t keep your feet and need replacing quite often, then you obviously do not own  a quality pair of wellington boots! Wellington boots should be the opposite of everything listed above, they should be warm, dry, durable and the perfect thing for you to wear when you are outside working or playing sport. If you are looking for a great pair of wellington boots then you should definitely take a look at Seeland wellingtons. The sole aim of the boot is keep your feet and toes as try as they possibly can. Due to the fact they the boots are made, traditionally, from natural rubber it means that they are extremely waterproof. Rubber is also useful because it is flexible this is good for two reasons; firstly it means that your feet are able to mould in to the boot and secondly, the boots will be able to get take a few knocks but go back to their original shape. If you think it’s time to buy a new pair of boots then here are a few things to consider.


The Sole

The sole of the boots you choose should be of a high quality because this is what is going to keep your feet comfortable. If you can, get a boot that is manufactured from vulcanised natural rubber, the sole should also have a very high level of grip so that you don’t fall over or slip in wet conditions.

The Size

You will find that a lot of wellington boots in the UK will have a European size on them, you can convert the European sizes to that of the UK but it might not always be exact. So, before you go to buy any pair of boots you should first sit down and work out which European size is the correct one for you. Getting the right size is essential, it is a good idea to pick a pair of boots a half size to big because the likely hood is that you will be wearing thick socks with them.

Take good care of them

You should take care of your wellington boots if you want them to last for a long time. After each time that you use them you should always was them using clean water. Once clean you should put them in a dry area of the house where they will not be subject to any direct heat or sunlight, remember to store them upright!