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How To Wear A Skirt For Spoons and Pears

When we finally find that skirt line that works best for us, it can be really hard to stop buying it! We can end up with plenty of varieties, but then realise that skirts don’t necessarily work all year round or in every fashion situation. There are plenty of hemlines and skirt lengths out there, but for most of us only one or two really suit our body shape and legs. It can also be really tricky to find which one it is when the stores don’t stock enough of them in to really try them all out.


For girls with larger thighs and little waists, buying a skirt is a nightmare. If you shop for your waist size, you can’t get the skirt over your legs. But if you shop for your legs, the skirt keeps falling down! Spoon and pear shape girls really can struggle, but once you’ve found something that stays put, you probably struggle with the length. The answer to this is a pencil skirt. They come in a variety of fabrics, colors and design. There are also two lengths that will flatter you. Try just below the knee to hide any knees you’re not happy with. This also gives the impression of elongating your legs, bringing your shape into a more traditional look.


For a way to keep warm with a pencil skirt, try picking a leather one or use a heavy denier stocking or hose. Add some knee length boots, and you are unlikely to be any colder than if you were wearing pants. Pencil skirts rarely work with leggings, and they don’t do much for your contour, so try to avoid them. Shirts or tops that are longer in length but don’t go lower than your tailbone are best for this length of skirt. If you have a lovely flat tummy, show it off with a tucked in style of shirt. Using a ruffled shirt can help give you more of an hourglass looking shape if you are tiny on top.

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If you are looking for something more free flowing for the summer, an ankle-length A-line skirt could suit you well, as your spoon or pear shape is covered. The A-line draws the eye back up to your tiny waist and gives the impression you have a more in proportion top half. The A line is a lovely, cooling shape for when it is hot and works well for lots of body shapes. It is also more comfortable for long periods of sitting or if you are heading out to eat a big meal.


A line skirts do leave larger thighs in rather close proximity to each other, and some girls may feel a little uncomfortable. Rather than wearing hose, you can try a little trick with talcum powder to keep the thighs drier where they touch. You could alternatively try little sports shorts under your skirt, that nobody will ever know are there. This is also handy if you are heading down to the beach!

Old Navy Coupons – Shoppers Delight

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Shopping can be done using Old Navy coupons online, in the comfort of one’s home. It is not essential to visit the stores to retrieve the coupons or coupon codes. What else one can expect? Now grab as much of Old Navy Coupons as possible and enjoy shopping at the best rates.




The Fourth of July is one of the most American of holidays, and outdoor celebrations are the traditional ways to spend the day. Here are some tips for looking your best at some favorite festive destinations. Look great no matter how you spend your Independence Day!

Anywhere there’s water is a good chance for a July 4th gathering. Pools, the ocean, lakes and rivers are all popular spots to have some sun and water fun. A new bathing suit just adds to the fun. Get double duty out of one blue bikini bottom with the ‘buy one get one $5’ sale from rue21’s online site. Pair with your well-worn high waisted denim shorts and a cute tee and you can go straight from poolside to the picnic table for hot dogs. Be sure to get a sunscreen spf that suits your skin’s needs, and apply it at least 30 minutes before exposing skin to sun. Don’t forget your cutest flip flops!

For outdoor dining, your outfit should match the specific type of gathering you’re attending. Sundresses are always a classic for an outdoor party. Pick your favorite pretty sundress, your biggest floppy hat, and your strappiest sandals and look extra glam. Now is the time to tryout those oversize sunglasses you’ve been eyeing! If pants are needed, capris or those lovely roll up pants you see from outdoors-y stores (like these water resistant beauties from Eddie Bauer, or this less expensive version from Lee jeans) should suit for a variety of events.

You’re sure to fire off some fireworks of your own in this dramatic pairing of a belly-baring (but oh so patriotic!) flounce bandeau top, also from rue21. Pair it with this high low skirt, and you have just the thing for looking great while gazing at the rocket’s red glare. Some bug spray might be in order, however. Your favorite well-worn denim jacket will keep you cozy when the sun goes down as you celebrate with the firework loving throngs. The Fourth of July is a time to get outside and have some fun, and you can definitely look great (and patriotic) while you do it!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans

True Religion

No longer strictly relegated to the realm of the blue color laborer, jeans are an American classic, a modern wardrobe staple. Like your best handbag or your favorite shoes, a well-fitting pair of jeans can be dressed up for a night at the opera or perfect for a day fishing with your dad. The key to great jeans is to find the best fit for your shape. To achieve that, you can pay attention to some general tips while shopping, tips that will help folks of any body type find that perfect pair.

Firstly, try on jeans in a brick and mortar store or thrift shop. This is essential. It is recommended that you try on between five and eight pairs to find the fit that works for you. Considering the many different shapes and styles of jeans, it may take some time spent searching to find one that looks really great on your shape. Schedule a block of time to go out and really shop for your jeans. Take two or three different sizes of the same jean into the dressing room. Do not be afraid to move and walk around. Sit, squat and check the mirrors while you do to make sure the jeans don’t pinch or bind up in uncomfortable areas. Jeans should be pleasingly snug from waist to knees, with a leg cut that works best with your matching footwear. If you find some ‘close but not perfect’ pairs, consider alterations; straight leg jeans can be altered without changing the shape. Petite sizes can have the hems of the jeans taken in. They should avoid conspicuous cuffs, however, as cuffs can give the wearer the illusion of being shorter than they really are. The general rule for jean leg lengths is the leg end should hit the bottom of one’s heel. The flip side of this is also applicable, if a pair is just a teeny bit too short, you can probably have the hem taken out to compensate. You might also consider purchasing two or three of the same style and shape and having them altered to suit your favorite footwear: one for heels and one for sandals, for example. Buying more than one pair of really well fitting jeans is never a bad idea even if you don’t plan on having them altered. Consider them a wardrobe investment so you don’t have to fight next seasons’ fad to find jeans that fit. The time spent searching will definitely be well-spent.

For any body type, bear in mind that embellishments or pocket flaps draw attention to their location on the jeans, so use those for spots you want to emphasize and avoid for areas that you want to de-emphasize. A good place to start for any shape is a midrise waist that fits snugly over the widest part of your bod, without squeezing. Bootcut jeans will minimize a pudgy waist by balancing your silhouette, just as it will help ‘larger across the hips’ pear-shapes.

Much denim can even be found in a variety of colors; dark blue is the most slimming, but white can be a versatile and classy addition to your wardrobe. Good luck!

Using fashion to impress your partner

Using fashion to impress your partner

Fashion is an easy way to express one’s self without having to say a word. Fashion is important because when someone cares about the way that they look it shows that they have confidence and a positive self-image. When you are trying to attract your partner, whether it is a new flame or a committed relationship, don’t forget how important it is to show them your best self and take pride in the way you look. Here are some tips on how to impress your partner and leave them wanting more!

Everyday attire

No matter what your personal fashion sense is, it is important to pay attention to the way you dress, even when in a committed relationship. It’s not uncommon for people to make a real effort at the beginning of a relationship, but once comfortable with their partner, the sweatpants come out a little more often. When you are relaxing at home, by all means, you don’t need to wear a pencil skirt and heels, but try to make sure that your everyday attire is still desirable to your partner. Making a little effort to look well-groomed and put together can go a long way.

Dress up date night

It is a fun and flirty idea to have a dress up date night at least once a month, no matter how long you have been together. There is something about putting on a cocktail dress, heels, a nice suit or button down shirt and going out to dinner that really screams romance. The meal doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy, but making a special night of it by dressing up instead of ordering in the same old take-out, shows your partner you are still interested in spicing things up. You could also try dressing up and going out dancing, to a Broadway show or whatever else sparks your interest. Plus when you get all dressed up, it makes coming home and getting intimate even more fun!

Bedroom fashion

Not only is it important to think about your daily appearance and fashion choices, but it is also essential to spice up what you wear in the bedroom as well. If you aren’t keen on visiting a lingerie and teddies store in person, many online options offer a wide variety of lingerie for both men and women. Why not try a new animal print chemise set or a sexy lace matching bra and panties. Maybe your partner is into role play and you can try out some fun costumes in the bedroom. It’s a great idea to surprise your partner with your new lingerie for their birthday or a special holiday but it also may be fun to pick out the lingerie together on a website, that way you are sure that you are getting exactly what your partner is into. No matter how you pick it out make sure you are always trying new fashion, inside and outside of the bedroom to keep your lover guessing.


Wellington boots- A buyers’ guide

Wellington boots: A buyers’ guide

Wellington boats are a type of footwear that we have all had to wear at some point in our lives, whether it has been doing the gardening, going on a long walk or wading through a flooded room in your house, the fact is that at some point in your life they’ve been on your feet. we know and love them, it is difficult to imagine what we would do without them! If you own a pair of wellington boots that seem to give you sore feet, don’t keep your feet and need replacing quite often, then you obviously do not own  a quality pair of wellington boots! Wellington boots should be the opposite of everything listed above, they should be warm, dry, durable and the perfect thing for you to wear when you are outside working or playing sport. If you are looking for a great pair of wellington boots then you should definitely take a look at Seeland wellingtons. The sole aim of the boot is keep your feet and toes as try as they possibly can. Due to the fact they the boots are made, traditionally, from natural rubber it means that they are extremely waterproof. Rubber is also useful because it is flexible this is good for two reasons; firstly it means that your feet are able to mould in to the boot and secondly, the boots will be able to get take a few knocks but go back to their original shape. If you think it’s time to buy a new pair of boots then here are a few things to consider.


The Sole

The sole of the boots you choose should be of a high quality because this is what is going to keep your feet comfortable. If you can, get a boot that is manufactured from vulcanised natural rubber, the sole should also have a very high level of grip so that you don’t fall over or slip in wet conditions.

The Size

You will find that a lot of wellington boots in the UK will have a European size on them, you can convert the European sizes to that of the UK but it might not always be exact. So, before you go to buy any pair of boots you should first sit down and work out which European size is the correct one for you. Getting the right size is essential, it is a good idea to pick a pair of boots a half size to big because the likely hood is that you will be wearing thick socks with them.

Take good care of them

You should take care of your wellington boots if you want them to last for a long time. After each time that you use them you should always was them using clean water. Once clean you should put them in a dry area of the house where they will not be subject to any direct heat or sunlight, remember to store them upright!

Buying new outfits on a stretched budget

Buying new outfits on a stretched budget

With the arrival of the cooler temperatures, you may be thinking about buying new items for your wardrobe so that you can be both stylish and comfortable during the autumn months. But if you don’t have much disposable income for new clothing, you might be feeling the frustration of buying on a stretched budget. Find out how you can work with a limited budget—and where you can get the best deals—in the following article:

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Working with a Limited Budget

The smartest way to make use of limited funds is to buy pieces that can be easily transitioned between seasons. Those cute dresses you wore in the summertime can be transitioned for cooler temperatures with cardigans, tights, and a nice pair of boots. Layer tanks tops and graphic tees under jumpers, blazers, and leather jackets to warm up your wardrobe, or pair them with one of this season’s must-have items—the plaid button-down shirt—for a look that exude ‘90s grunge.

Neutral pieces that work well with many hues—black, brown, navy, and white—should be the basis of your wardrobe. You can always add a pop of colour to your ensemble with a scarf, bag, or costume jewellery later on: these accessories tend to be much less expensive than blouses and trousers and can be easily updated to reflect the most current trends. That being said, don’t be afraid to invest in a few pieces that stand out from your everyday essentials. These can be worn on special occasions to take your style to the next level.


Where to Find the Best Deals

In order to find best deals, you need to become a a savvy shopper. Check out sales racks and consignment shops to score deals on out-of-season clothes. Sign up to receive email alerts with discounts and special offers from your favourite stores, or look for coupons online before heading to the store.

Looking for a retailer that gives you incredible offers on the hottest high street fashion all year round?: Check out New Look’s website. The retailer offers a range of clothing and accessories, from tops and trousers to shoes and outerwear. It is also Britian’s No. 1 dress retailer, making it a great option for buying cheap party dresses online. Over the years, the retailer has been recognised for its spectacular styles, earning several honours from the Fabulous High Street Fashion Awards, Company High Street Fashion Awards, and Lorraine’s High Street Fashion Awards.

Another great feature of the New Look site is that it offers free shipping on all orders over £19.99, so you can stock up on all of this season’s essentials without having to worry about extra fees. Make the most of your limited budget by checking out the fantastic offers on this season’s hottest styles from New Look.



Making sure the whole family looks amazing

Making sure the whole family looks amazing

Are you always looking for the best quality clothing for your family, but too busy to stop by the boutiques? Or are you tired of seeing the same clothes displayed in the department store, all season long?

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.34.48 PM

Fortunately, you can find great clothes and better deals online. Online shopping is the perfect way to spend a few free minutes during your lunch break or on the bus to work. Here are some of the best online boutiques, for a variety of styles and ages.

This is the kind of place you go to find quirky, stylish pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Specialising in trendy outfits with vintage accents, Anthropologie offers clothes, shoes and artsy jewelry, as well as attractive homeware and furniture. If you want to dress like a very successful artist, then Anthropologie is the place for you. There is also a chain of physical stores if you want to try anything on.



This online boutique lets you hire a team of personal shoppers that will help you choose your perfect outfit. You can also browse their varied inventory of luxurious brands and styles. They also have a Pinterest account that is updated almost daily and allows you to see the store’s new arrivals.



Here you can find an extensive selection of clothing, accessories, handbags and more shoes than you ever knew existed, all for a wide range of budgets. They also offer excellent customer service through their Live Help service, where you can IM with store representatives, or call the 24/7 help line.



Singer22 combines celebrity fashion news with shopping, allowing customers to browse a news page with updates on the latest fashion picks by your favorite celebrities. You can then look through the store’s inventory to buy the same pieces. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the trends and show off how in-the-know you are.


Alex and Alexa

This site is the perfect choice if you are also shopping for clothes for your kids. They offer an extensive selection of designer gear for kids of all ages as well as babies. Here you can shop Catamini children’s clothes, or for a baby bib by Chanel, a tiny Hugo Boss suit, or an adorable little Burberry trench coat. Just browsing through these miniature designs is enough to make you decide to introduce your little ones to the world of fashion and luxury.



Not only does this site feature hundreds of original pieces by independent designers, it also features an active community of shoppers who can have a say over what gets featured on the website. The site offers a “Be the Buyer” feature, where you can vote whether to feature a piece on the website or not, which allows you to access to unique designs.


What are some of your favorite places to shop for the best clothes online? Sound off in the comments below!

How to Make Your Bedroom A Palace

How to Make Your Bedroom A Palace

Having a nice home is all well and good, but the best place to pimp out and make a palace is your bedroom. This is where the majority of people like to unwind and relax. Whether to watch a movie, read a book or get up to other ‘activities’, your bedroom sets the mood and ambience to get into it. The most important thing you need for doing up your bedroom is some creativity! Even on a limited budget you can make your bedroom a palace if you use your imagination and get creative with candles and colours.

Cool Bedsheets

A great way to personalise your bedroom is with some cool bedsheets. You can get dramatic colour patterns or designs that match you tastes and interests to create a nice spread where you lay your head to rest. Try local markets to get handmade throws and unique designs to bring your bedroom to life.

Nice Candles

No palace is complete without some nice decorative candles. To make your bedroom as cosy as possible you should look for some candle holders and handmade candles. Some of the best candles I have ever seen were halloween candles! The designs and colours were bright oranges and red with fragrant scents or citrus and vanilla. They make a great accompaniment to any bedroom.


Blinds & Curtains

You would be amazed at the difference that having nice blinds or curtains can make to a bedroom. The style will depend on the individual as some people like a bright room where the sun shines through the blinds in the morning while others prefer to be sleeping in a blacked out bedroom. Even if you opt for blackout curtains, you can still have a bright and colourful feel to the room as blackout material can be added to any curtain.

Funky Lampshades 

Lampshades can be an important part in the decoration and lighting of a bedroom. Some people don’t consider how must a really bright bulb with a bad cover can make their room feel like a 24 hour supermarket! There are many different styles of lampshades available and it is easy to paint a cheap white lampshade in a colour of your choice to make the room glow in a whole new feel.


Get Some Storage Sorted

It means nothing if you have nice bedsheets, curtains, candles and a funky lampshade when you cannot enter your room without wadding through a pile of clothes or tripping over guitar leads. Get some plastic storage containers or make you own with plywood if you do not have a wardrobe already. Spend some time organising your room and throw away any junk that is lying about and taking up space.

Enjoy Your Room

Now that you have decorated your room and turned it into a palace it is time to enjoy your new abode and relax in the new atmosphere. Show off your newly updated rom to friends and they will be amazed at how a little change can make such a big difference. Who knows, maybe they will want your help to get their own bedrooms up to scratch.

Female Bingo Caller Fashion

Female Bingo Caller Fashion

What to wear on your first bingo caller stint


Bingo is a game that is widely played in the United States. In fact, there are more than 60 million people in the country that play bingo. This game is often associated with the older crowd, but studies revealed that 90% of American players are under 50 years old. This only goes to show that the market of bingo has been shifting to the younger generation – especially with the emergence of its online counterparts and modern bingo events.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.25.36 PM

Legendary Bingo is famous for its celebrity ball callers whereas foxybingo is known for its celebrity bingo moms. Big names like Paris Hilton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Catherine Zeta-Jones took the spotlight in several bingo games while British beauties Katie Price and Emma Bunton represented all the moms that play bingo.

If you want to look like a star during your first bingo caller stint, then read below for some fashion tips:

Follow the Theme

Make sure to choose an outfit that will match the theme of the bingo event. If you’re going to participate in Drag Bingo, then it is best to wear something outrageous. A feathered dress just like what Victoria Beckham wore or a Skittle wrapper dress can do the trick. You can also just wear something sexy and shiny like the sequined mini dresses at

Consider the Crowd

Make sure to dress appropriate because all eyes are on you during the bingo session. If you’ll be making calls for an older crowd, then it is best to wear something conservative like the work wardrobe collection of Kohl’s. You can wear dress pants matched with a button-down shirt or blazer.

Choose Comfort Over Style

It is important to choose a comfortable outfit because you will be standing for quite some time. If you wear something tight, then you might have shortness of breath which can affect your speech. It is also best to try out the clothes first before purchasing them so you will have the right size and fit.